Class Timetable

We offer 18 exercise classes every week from pilates and yoga to aqua aerobics and pump. Classes are complimentary for in house guests and members.

Booking for all classes is essential.
No classes on any of the statutory holiday.






8.00am Yoga (Hatha) - Rachel
9.00am Yoga (Hatha) - Rachel

9.00am Aqua Aerobics - Ana Maria 

6.00pm Pilates - Claudia


8:15am Pump Up - Louise

9.30am Millbrook Stretch - Natasha

6.00pm Yoga (Hatha) - Kaja


8am Pilates - Beth
9am Pilates - Patricia

9.00am Aqua Aerobics - Ana Maria


8.00am Yoga (Hatha) - Mark

NEW from Wednesday 17th June:
10.30 Golf Fit - Angie**

9.00am Yoga (Hatha) - Mark

6.00pm Pilates - Samantha


8.15am Pump Up - Louise
9.30am Yoga (Hatha) - Rachel

9.00am Aqua Aerobics - Ana Maria 


8.00am Pilates - Patricia (from Mon 1st June)
9.00am Pilates - Patricia
(all levels)

10.00am Aqua Aerobics - Rachael



9.00am Yoga (Hatha) - Kaja

10.00am Yoga (Hatha) - Kaja

**Golf Fit class will include mobility exercises encouraging movement and range of motion through the shoulders, hips and back. Balance work and core strength will also be included. Using props such as foam rollers, yoga blocks and straps to enhance the stretches and really open up through your posture. A great way to get more distance and direction in your shots!!

Please call or email us if you would like to book your spot.
T: 03 441 7014
Freephone: 0800 800 604